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Phone: +441519479666

Address: Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HN

Email: [email protected]

About company:

As an internationally renowned financial transaction service provider, we are committed to providing retail customers and financial institutions with a wide range of financial derivatives trading products, mainly including foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, CFD and other products. Reliance Capital Markets ltd It aims to build a world-class financial services platform for investors and provide a fully transparent STP-ECN trading environment and reliable customer service

Reliance Capital Markets ltd adheres to the purpose of «fairness, efficiency and wisdom» in the capital market to provide investors with perfect and high-quality financial supporting services. Investors can make more suitable investment plans according to their own requirements, and directly obtain quotations from the market through advanced trading software.

5 thoughts on “Financial Aims LTD Review

  1. Oooh, old swindlers and crooks have created a new scam called Financial Aims LTD. Good old scam project. For example, here are some fresh scams from the same scammers: Premium Finance Solutions Limited or Medifinance Limited. Go to the websites of these black brokers and try to compare with I am sure you will find that these sites are almost the same. It is, because they all belong to the same scammers who make everything as simple as possible – they take the site, copy it, and launch a new scam under a new name.
    By the way, the names are taken from the register of registered companies in the UK, but which are unknown to anyone, and almost do not work. Therefore, do not be fooled if a friend also throws off information to you, as if they work legally and for real. This is not true. I hope my review helps someone save money.

  2. There are a lot of great brokerage houses out there and this Financial Aims Ltd is definitely not one of them. Google normal brokers, it’s not difficult. They have all the licenses in place and everything is in order, unlike this scam.

  3. ALL, ALL, ALL I warn you!!!! FINANCIAL AIMS LTD is a filthy scam that pretended to be some kind of cool and reliable broker, but in fact stupidly cheats people for money!!! Don’t trust these scoundrels!! These are pathetic swindlers who will gladly reduce your deposit to 500 bucks for you, if only you replenished this deposit as soon as possible !!!! They sell all sorts of bonuses, promotions, and other crap, just to lure a hamster into their fraudulent sect!!! Do you know what they do next? THEY DISCHARGE TRADERS, easily and easily. And those who could not be merged, they throw them into the block and do not withdraw money. In simple words, it is impossible to withdraw money from here!!! The office is fake and it is stupidly impossible to find these scammers !! There is only one way out – NEVER AND FOR ANYTHING DO NOT OPEN A DEPOSIT HERE!!!! I myself flew in for 500 bucks, it’s a pity PPC as money, but I won’t return them!!! So at least I will warn others about this danger !!!

  4. A company with more than 20 years of business experience in the forex industry. It seems to me that this is a serious application, and a great positive sign that we have a good and serious broker, and not just a kitchen shop.
    In general, few companies in this business live longer than a year. Usually everything ends when the money runs out due to the fact that there are few customers, few commissions are paid and expenses are not covered by income.
    This broker has been operating since 2001. Passed several crises, in other words, passed the test of time. So, if you want to trade here, then this is a very reasonable idea.

  5. If you are considering Financial Aims LTD for trading, then stop. This is a fake broker. In reality, the company does not even exist, all this nonsense, all these numbers that are indicated on the site, are an invention of the sick consciousness of the scammer who invented it all.

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