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The Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches offers the opportunity to purchase a car at 40% below market value, which is particularly appreciated by those who want to save. By working with Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches, clients can be sure of the professionalism and efficiency that make the process of buying a car from an auction simple and convenient. The reputation of this company as a reliable partner confirms the high quality of services they provide. The team of professionals at Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches has deep market knowledge and access to a wide range of cars, ensuring maximum transparency and reliability throughout the process. Thanks to collaboration with this company, clients can be confident in the quality of services and the receipt of a car in excellent condition.

58 thoughts on “Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches Reviews

  1. Fast, convenient, honest way to buy a good car. I am satisfied with everything and recommend this company. I have been using their services since 2021 and will continue to use them.

  2. Hi all! Highly recommend! Reasonable prices! Thanks to company I am now the owner of a BMW M8 4.4 In my opinion a great company!

  3. I used the services of this company to purchase a car at an auction and was completely satisfied. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer proved to be convenient and transparent. My car was delivered on a container ship in excellent condition and within the specified timeframe. Highly recommend!

  4. Buying a car at an auction was easy and worry-free. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer were efficient and secure methods. Delivery schedules were precisely met, and my car arrived in perfect condition. Very satisfied!

  5. I chose this company to purchase a car at an auction and was pleased with every step of the process. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer were convenient and transparent. Delivery schedules on both the container ship were strictly adhered to. My car is simply magnificent!

  6. I bought a car at an auction in Europe. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer saved me a lot of time and effort. My car was delivered within the specified timeframe and in perfect condition. Thank you!

  7. Purchasing a car at an auction in Europe through this company proved to be incredibly straightforward. Remote contract signing, payment via SWIFT transfer, and the provision of a loading report made the process smooth. Delivery schedules for both the container ship were precisely met. It’s a real find!

  8. I entered into a remote contract to acquire the car from the auction. The process was straightforward and clear. I paid for my car myself and received all the necessary documents. The company organized fast delivery, and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

  9. I purchased the Mercedes-Benz G63 myself at the auction, and the company promptly organized the delivery, which greatly satisfied me. Special thanks for the comprehensive support; the car arrived in perfect condition.

  10. I used this company’s services to purchase a car at an auction and couldn’t be more satisfied. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer were simple and reliable methods. My car was delivered on time and in perfect condition. Highly recommend!

  11. I purchased a car at an auction through this company and couldn’t be happier. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer went smoothly without any issues. My car was delivered on time and in excellent condition. Thank you!

  12. I paid for the car only after receiving all the necessary transportation documents and making sure that the car is ready to be loaded onto the ship. The company fulfilled its obligations flawlessly.

  13. I am satisfied with the quality of work from this company. I was able to purchase my car with a 30% discount compared to market prices. The savings are impressive.

  14. The company I worked with provided excellent support throughout every step of the process. They helped me with choosing a car, organizing participation in the auction and carrying out the necessary legal formalities.

  15. The company completely met my requirements. Everything was organized clearly, professionally, and without unnecessary questions. I’m paying in installments. Satisfied with the collaboration!

  16. Greetings, everyone. Yesterday, I was able to pick up my Chevrolet Corvette, 2023 model, with a 6.2-liter engine. My next car will definitely be purchased only through this company!

  17. Fast delivery! Well done guys, an almost new Mercedes-Benz G63 was delivered from Europe. The contract was completed on time. I recommend!

  18. I successfully purchased a 2022 MERCEDES-BENZ AMG GT53 with a 3.0 engine using cryptocurrency for payment. The car was delivered to Jebel Al port in just 28 days.

  19. I am 100% satisfied with my new car. The car is in perfect condition, absolutely clean and well maintained, without any scratches or stains. Excellent quality of supplied cars.

  20. They brought my car, a Porsche Cayenne 2022, to Saudi Arabia in 29 days. Delivery is paid, 3000 euros. When I signed the contract for the purchase and delivery of the car, I made a payment of 30% of the car’s cost. I paid the remaining amount for the car when my car was waiting for loading and shipping to me.

  21. Buying a car at an auction in Europe with the help of this company was a great decision. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer made the process simple and reliable. My car was delivered on time and in excellent condition. Very pleased with the outcome!

  22. We completed the transaction quickly, and the car was also able to be picked up shortly afterward. Now, this car brings joy to our family.

  23. All communication was conducted through Telegram, I made a 30% advance payment, and the car was with me in just 28 days. What can I say, fast! The car really came as initially stated, no problems with it, it is absolutely new outside, and there are no issues with the interior. I will recommend you to others! Respect!

  24. I am pleased with my purchase and want to express my deep gratitude to the company for their professionalism and quality service. They went above and beyond to make the entire process easy and convenient for me. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner for buying a car at auction in Europe.

  25. You can safely draw up an agreement with them. There are many different brands of cars available on their website. I received my car in Abu Dhabi in just 28 days.

  26. Now, a Land Rover Defender is in my garage. The deal went smoothly; the car’s price remained unchanged, and the installment plan requires a 40% down payment.

  27. On their website, my friend and I chose the car. We are satisfied with the purchase! Despite the rising prices throughout the country, here you can buy a quality car for reasonable money.

  28. To purchase a car, I paid a third of its cost, and paid the rest when my car was ready to be loaded onto the ship – they provided transport documents for the transportation of my car

  29. I bought a car and have never been so satisfied with a purchase! I know I got excellent quality at an affordable price.

  30. I arranged a installment plan for the car, paid 40% of the car’s cost, sent the documents and a signed contract. The contract is for a year, but I plan to settle earlier.

  31. I paid an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car upon concluding the contract. But the most important thing is that they provided me with a loading report and transport documents, and only after that I paid the remaining amount for the car. This gives credibility to their work.

  32. Clear organization of work, reasonable prices, polite staff, not a single unnecessary charge. I bought the car on installment. I can recommend the company!

  33. I am completely satisfied with their work. Found the car on their site, contacted the manager, signed the contract, paid the down payment, delivery, and auction fee. The car was delivered on an auto transporter in 26 days to London.

  34. I received the car, so far, I am satisfied. No issues have come up in a couple of months. I paid only 30%, the rest after the car was purchased and sent to the port for loading and shipment to me as the owner. At that moment, I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  35. The delivery time on the car carrier was 29 days, and the process was well-organized and seamless. I even used USDT cryptocurrency for payment, which turned out to be a convenient and fast method. The car is already with me in Cirencester.

  36. I can go fishing, scuba diving, water skiing – on my yacht, any entertainment is available to me. The yacht is my ticket to a world of unforgettable adventures.

  37. I would like to note that the service and customer support are excellent. The sales team was very professional and helped me choose the perfect model that meets my needs and preferences.

  38. Thank you to those who left their opinions; your reviews about this dealer helped me make a decision. Previously, I always went to the same car center, but it closed down, and I didn’t even know where to go. Auto Lux turned out to be even better than my old place! They have a bigger selection, and the cars are much better in quality than those on our market, not to mention much cheaper by FAR! I compared prices for a BMW X6 on the Auto Lux website and on the domestic market, and at Auto Lux, it’s 20% cheaper.”

  39. An excellent option for companies in need of a fleet. I regularly buy cars here for work in the company, about 3-4 cars per year. Everything is fast, clear, with pleasant prices.

  40. Thank you for the opportunity to acquire a vehicle. These guys have no complaints, and their clients can pay for the car in cryptocurrency, which is a convenient solution in the modern world.

  41. I acquired a Porsche Taycan. The cost of the car was 112,000 euros. Payment was made in full before the car was shipped to Doha.

  42. I’m very happy with both the process and the result. This is not my first purchase from an auction, so I knew what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by some aspects. I found the car very quickly and bought it in just three days. The car was also delivered to Saudi Arabia very quickly. There were no issues with its condition; it matched the photos.

  43. The company proved to be true professionals. Everything was done very quickly; I bought the car quickly. When I’m ready for the second one, I’ll be turning to them immediately.

  44. The car was delivered on time, without any problems or additional payments. I paid for the car, delivery, auction fee, and 4 weeks later picked up the car at the port of Jeddah. I separately paid 3000 euros for the delivery.

  45. Everything turned out as I expected. The car was delivered intact, the deadlines were not violated. I opted out of document processing in advance because I wanted to handle this stage myself.

  46. I’m writing this review at the company’s request. Payment is made in various ways upon delivery, a warranty card is provided, and original packaging is provided.

  47. They have a wide selection of cars on their website. I remotely arranged a contract for the delivery of a car to the UAE, sent my documents, and paid the initial installment of 30%. The car arrived at the port of Jeddah in 28 days.

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